ServiceNow Utah Release: What’s new?

21 March 2023

As spring approaches, the wildflowers in Utah start to bloom, creating beautiful trails enjoyed by many hikers. But even if you are not the hiking type, the ServiceNow Utah release is still worth investigating.

Named after the Beehive state, with its beehive symbol representing hard work, community, and cooperation, the ServiceNow Utah release embodies these values, as it enables teams to work together and collaborate effectively to achieve their goals making this latest release arguably the greatest version of the enterprise service management platform so far. So, whereas some ServiceNow releases may cause admins to lay down in a dark room, this new release will not have you bobbing weightlessly on the surface of The Great Salt Lake to float your stresses away – although we highly recommend a trip to this natural wonder if you get the opportunity.

Now onto the release:

ServiceNow is working to improve customer service and support this year, demonstrating that they are committed to providing even more resources and enhancements for an optimal UX. The following are a few of the features that ServiceNow released in the Utah update:

  • Quicker reaction times.
  • Greater technical documentation depth.
  • Enhanced automation and orchestration tools for simpler installation and maintenance.
  • A more user-friendly user interface to improve the user experience.
  • Enhanced integration with applications from third parties.

A number of enhancements have been made to the Next Experience with efficiencies to enable your organisation to drive productivity, which is detailed below:

Users can now benefit from a significant upgrade over The Next Experience UI as they now have access to a Theme Builder. Without needing to know how to write code, this functionality will make it simpler to build and use themes. Users can obtain this module by downloading this as a standalone app from the Store. Why did ServiceNow provide this feature? Because users previously had to directly upload full JSON content into the theme record. Now, without having to touch any code, a theme can be quickly generated with Theme Builder and applied to your instance! Additionally, improvements have been made to the support for the Dark mode theme, which will still have the same features as San Diego, but this time will also be available for Dashboards (together with their widgets and Analytics Hub), Report Designer (with all of their reports), and Service Portal (Knowledge Articles, Service Catalogs, Virtual Client).

To make the newest ServiceNow release as user-friendly as possible, it also contains an enhanced user interface with a new home page. As a result, users no longer need to manually filter each menu to locate what they are looking for because searching for specific modules will do it for them. As a result, filtering in any menu will yield results from all menus simultaneously (except for the History menu). Now, with reference to the Favourites menu, the user may now select grouping of their preferred Favorites modules for better organisation. Looking for data throughout the CMDB has not only been improved over the search bar but also record forms as users can now take advantage of an AI Search: This advanced search feature helps source information faster to resolve issues through the use of an autocompletion mechanism which suggests field values to save time and has the additional benefit of automatically correcting typos!

Similar to this, ServiceNow has also introduced another visual upgrade, that impacts the way notification’s function: These notifications will have customisable content and be able to be configured for any individual application that your instance has. These alerts will also be displayed for the “Follow” function, which allows users to be notified whenever a work note, or comment, is posted to a record. Depending on your notification options, this will result in notifications as banners and under the notification menu.

Overall, the ServiceNow Utah release is a game-changer for the platform, offering users a more intuitive, secure, and efficient experience. And what’s more, COzPro, the Award-Winning Environmental Application for ServiceNow has been certified for Utah which will further help you enhance your ServiceNow journey.  So if you ever find yourself in Utah, do not forget to check out some of the amazing natural attractions and cultural events that make this State so special!

To find out how the new Utah release can benefit your organisation, get in touch with one of our ServiceNow experts today.