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Security-Driven Transformation


KA2 partners with companies in highly regulated sectors to achieve better business outcomes through security-driven IT transformation. Our bold, holistic approach is guided by the KA2 Smarter Framework which combines the KA2 Compliance Workflow Engine™ and domain expertise to help companies transcend silo-thinking and charter a transformation course guided by information security and compliance.

We specialise in delivering integrated Service Management, Cyber Security and Digital Workspace solutions that accelerate business transformation and provide an enhanced user experience for customers and employees. Our multi-dimensional perspective enables us to realise smarter and sustainable results for our clients, so they can deliver better outcomes and services for their clients and end users.

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KA2 Smarter Framework

Today is a time of major technological change – and businesses must adapt to ensure future success. We can help you rethink your technology capabilities to transition to a more agile operating model and accelerate business innovation.  

KA2’s Smarter Transformations are designed to help you future-ready your organisation and provide enhanced, security-driven experiences for your customers and employees. Every transformation we take on is guided by our Smarter Framework to ensure outcomes-based technology transformation that incorporates key compliance and security considerations.  

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It's all about the team

No matter how well defined, all complex technology change programmes will be subject to unexpected twists and turns along the way. No problem, we have been there and done it all before, unfazed by whatever is thrown at us. Together, we will quickly find alternative solutions or create unique but effective work-arounds to ensure the programmes always stay on track. Our clients really appreciate this practical no-nonsense approach to getting the job done.

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Your success is our success

So, whether you are embarking on an enterprise-scale cloud migration programme or a single discrete change project, we are here to help. With KA2 by your side your organisation will be transformed into a highly reslient, future-proofed business able to adapt quickly and intelligently to whatever the future holds.

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The KA2 Smarter Framework - A highly effective approach


A series of thorough discovery and consultation sessions enables the KA2 team to understand your precise business and technology change programme requirements. We cannot do this without you.


Close collaboration, together with unrivalled expertise and fresh thinking enables KA2 to create customised, future-proofed technology change driven programmes that meet your needs. It is all about you.


Rigorous end-to-end programme management throughout the entire transformation journey ensures the implementation process is fast and efficient. We will take good care of you.


With innovation at the core of everything we do, our clients can embrace the future, safe in the knowledge their businesses will seamlessly adapt to whatever is thrown at them. Your success is our success.

What our clients are saying

“Our relationship with KA2 has been very positive from the word go. They rose to all the unforeseen challenges providing practical, workable solutions to any problem. The team is very knowledgeable and they deliver.”

Global Head of IT Operations
Trading Division of a Natural Resources Organisation

“Their experience and keen interest in the programme made it a collaborative and productive experience. It was a team effort, and KA2’s involvement undoubtedly made a major contribution to us hitting each and every programme milestone.”

Service Delivery Director
Global Settlements Organisation

“We have been very satisfied with all the assignments and the deliverables. I welcome the opportunity to continue to work with KA2 on future initiatives and projects.”

Global Head of IT Operations
Trading Division of a Natural Resources Organisation

“I was very pleased with KA2ʹs involvement and interest in the work, I really felt they had some skin in the game, which made it a collaborative experience and resulted in numerous positive suggestions during the lifecycle of the Programme. Their involvement undoubtedly made a major contribution to us hitting each and every programme milestone.”

Service Delivery Director
Global Settlements Organisation

“We have worked with KA2 for many years, across a range of infrastructure projects. In all cases  KA2  have taken the time to listen carefully to our brief and desired outcomes and have consistently delivered highly sucessful, time bound projects.”

Global Head of Data Centre Services
Information Services Organisation

“KA2’s involvement has proved invaluable in helping us transform our IT service delivery model. Their insights and unique approach have enabled us to create a new digital culture centered on a differentiated – yet fully compliant – experience for our internal customers.”

Head IT Service Management,
Global Investment Bank

“KA2 was key in enabling us to get a 360-degree view of the target acquisition. Their technical expertise, security-first mindset and deep understanding of highly regulated industries meant we were able to provide our client with the insights they needed to make the best investment decision.”

Lily Covington, Director
Cruxy & Company

“KA2 not only led the implementation of our ServiceNow platform, but also helped us identify and take advantage of the opportunity to develop a foundation for continuous innovation.”

Head of IT Service Management,
Global Investment Bank

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Every organisation is different and has unique requirements. Our experience enables us to create tailored programmes, designed to deliver.