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At KA2, we believe that the future belongs to those who can break free from traditional constructs to challenge the status quo, embrace cross-functional collaboration and adopt the courage to change. We draw on our deep technical expertise and experience in highly regulated sectors to help our clients find innovative ways to optimise processes, maximise technology investments and deliver superior security-led experiences for customers and employees.  

We leverage our unique insights and proprietary Smarter Framework to help clients change the trajectory of their business and achieve transformative results with technology.   

Our Approach

The ability to evolve with technology and regulatory compliance is crucial for today’s businesses. However, more than 70% of digital transformations fail. The KA2 Smarter Framework helps clients overcome the odds by ensuring technology change programmes are built around desired business outcomes and consider key people, processes and security requirements from the start.  

The results: an accelerated, scalable and sustainable business transformation that embeds security and compliance into the very fabric of the organisation 


Our capabilities

The Modern Workspace

The Modern Workspace creates a new digital business environment consistent with evolving working practises. No longer constrained by physical locations, new technology and tools are enabling firms to overhaul the way they operate and better align the infrastructure to suit the needs of a tech savvy workforce. KA2 are skilled practitioners in designing, architecting and delivering your digital workplace solutions.

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Service Management

Service Management has moved beyond IT, organisations are focusing on the end user experience and customer success. Delivering Service Management to IT and the business now seen as one key function.  When embarking on complex transformation programmes KA2 has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure your service management needs are delivered across the enterprise, both now and for future further adoption.

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Cyber Security

Modern business operates under a constant security threat whether its technology is run in cloud or on premise.  The demand to provide a  robust secure environment which satisfies regulators, whilst not stifling dynamic and responsive technology change is certainly not easy.

We can help transform your business securely and at your own pace of transition.  We will take your organisation on a complete journey in using Cloud Service Platforms safely with security controls that can adapt to the demands of a fast changing environment.  From vision to implementation, we help transition your company into a safe and secure Cloud Service future using KA2 Smarter Security Controls.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud hosted solutions bring a multitude of benefits in terms of cost savings, renewed business agility and all-round improved performance capabilities. Irrespective of whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or any other recognised provider is your preferred option, we can help. KA2 is cloud agnostic with extensive experience of successfully creating and implementing robust Cloud migration strategies for a growing number of blue chip firms.

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Enterprise Architecture

Create a conceptual blueprint that defines the overall structure and operations of your organisation. And then by underpinning aligned operating models and business processes you can rest assured that your business is prepared for the future. KA2’s knowledge and expertise gives you the confidence you need to achieve your enterprise-wide architecture objectives.

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Network Design

Legacy, regulation and digitalisation are having a dramatic impact on networks topology across financial services and insurance.  KA2 bring a laser sharp focus to carefully consider and overcome the many challenges these represent across the entire operations chain.  Our focus is to help our clients design, deploy and manage the new enterprise networks utilising the most modern technologies available to maximise security, visibility and quality in tomorrow’s virtualised environments.

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The KA2 Smarter Framework - A highly effective approach


Intensive, thorough discovery and consultation enables KA2 to understand your precise technology transformation requirements. We cannot do this without you.


Close collaboration, together with unrivalled expertise and fresh thinking enables KA2 to create customised, future-proofed technology change driven solutions and services. It is all about you.


KA2’s professional end-to-end programme management throughout every stage of the transformation journey ensures the implementation process is assured. We will take good care of you.


With innovation at the core of everything KA2 does, our clients can embrace the future, safe in the knowledge their businesses will seamlessly adapt to whatever is thrown at them. Your success is our success.

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We are a committed team who are here to help you achieve your business and technology driven transformation goals.