What we do

KA2 and ServiceNow delivering secure, resilient and integrated business operations

KA2 is not your average ServiceNow Partner. We joined the Now ecosystem to do things differently… and smarter.  We believe that the future belongs to those who can break free from traditional constructs to challenge the status quo, embrace cross-functional collaboration and adopt the courage to change.  We draw on our deep business, technical and ServiceNow domain expertise to help our clients find innovative ways to optimise technology investments and deliver first-class secure, compliant, and resilient experiences for customers and employees. 

We use our ability to translate complex business requirements into automated, integrated and streamlined solutions using the power of ServiceNow as a single, unified platform to improve resiliency and position your business for growth in a fast-moving world. KA2 and ServiceNow the smartest way to effect positive change across the enterprise. 

Our Approach

The ability to evolve with technology and regulatory compliance is crucial for today’s businesses. However, more than 70% of digital transformations fail. The KA2 Smarter Framework helps clients overcome the odds by ensuring technology change programmes are built around desired business outcomes and consider key people, processes and security requirements from the start.  

The results: an accelerated, scalable and sustainable business transformation that embeds security and compliance into the organisation’s very fabric 

Our capabilities

Service Management

Service Management has moved beyond IT, and the focus is now on the end-user experience and customer success.  This is enabled by delivering a secureresilient Service Management capability across the enterprise. It is also about simplifying access to the resources that support new ways of working as demands shift and conditions evolve. Whether you want to automate and optimise technology operations, cut hardware, software and cloud costs, or create a seamless customer experience, KA2 and ServiceNow combine to build a future-proofed IT infrastructure at speed using IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, and IT Operations Management.

Using ServiceNow, KA2 delivers integrated business and technology operations.

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Operational Resilience

With the ever-increasing burden of regulatory compliance, having a proper risk and control framework in place is both essential and a real differentiator. Secure, resilient, and integrated critical business services are now mandatory requirements. Our dedicated SMEs translate regulatory requirements into robust, flexible solutions built on the ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) application. Using the Now platform workflows, an integrated, automated, and orchestrated approach to business and vendor risk management is embedded into new and existing working practices enabling business continuity. It provides the ability to adapt to the unexpected seamlessly.

Using ServiceNow, KA2 delivers resilient business and technology operations.

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Cyber Security

Most businesses are under constant threat from security breaches, whether their technology is running in the cloud or on-premise.  The demand to provide a robust, secure environment that satisfies both the business and regulators without stifling dynamic, responsive technology change programmes is essential.  ServiceNow Security Operations and IT Operations Management combine to deliver proactive, intelligent workflows to secure your business operations. The orchestration, automation and response engine bring security and vulnerability data from existing tools to predict and automate security response.

Using ServiceNow, KA2 secures your business and technology operations. 

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