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We believe great people and great communications are the ‘essential’ ingredients that underpin the delivery of every successful programme,  We listen. We debate. We challenge. Delivering successful technology driven change is in our DNA. Our goal is to develop deep, trusted partnerships with all our clients and create truly collaborative relationships. The KA2 executive management team are seasoned practitioners and successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Every team member brings a proven track record, having led a number of high profile projects across many of the world’s leading financial institutions and insurance firms. Our unique insight and experience enables us to very quickly identify the precise blend of skills and expertise required to create and deliver a customised portfolio of solutions and services, tailored just for you. Our people are amongst the smartest in the industry. Whatever the task, we can very quickly pinpoint and fulfil the precise roles and responsibilities necessary to get to get the job done. We provide both strategic and tactical counsel and always lead by example. We encourage, cajole, train and mentor and are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty when the going gets tough. Honesty and integrity are our core values. We confront issues head on and provide objective advice and guidance, even when it may not be what our clients want to hear. Our unique team management and proven motivational skills have helped to move many firms from being restrictive, risk adverse cultures into enlightened, forward thinking organisations.

KA2 Executive Board

Chriss Andrews - CEO

Founder and CEO of KA2. Leading all aspects of our change driven technology programmes. A passion for rugby and travelling, Chriss isn't afraid to 'try' new strategies on a mission to create winning teams - for KA2 and our clients.

Chriss Andrews


My passions are people and business. I am very proud to have been responsible for creating a number of successful organisations, all of which  have revolved around helping others to achieve their own business and personal development goals. With honesty and integrity central to everything I do, KA2 is another significant milestone on my own development journey. The company has an impressive track record, and over the years we have developed deep and solid relationships with all our clients. I am committed to creating a dynamic, collaborative environment for both my team and clients alike. A key goal is to always recognise and reward both individual and team contributions. Having fun is also high on my agenda, I enjoy a challenge and love learning. Every day is a new adventure and drawing on over 35 years experience gained from building and leading a number of successful entities. I continue to be very excited about the opportunities KA2 represents for everyone involved. Change is in my DNA because as part of an RAF family, I moved around a lot during my early years, before going on to study modern languages in Aberdeen. In 1984, I launched my first company, Church International, which is now a very established and successful recruitment business. I love rugby and the arts. I am looking forward to visiting Japan to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup series.

Kevin Covington - Advisor to the Board

Kevin is a little bit Shoreditch trendy, but what makes him even cooler is his ability to transform businesses and help them realise success.

Kevin Covington

Advisor to the Board

Kevin’s finance sector career spans over 30 years, having held senior roles within vendors, banks and Private Equity and Venture Fund backed technology firms. In 2014, Kevin founded Change Alley – a boutique advisory business which helps organisations targeting the Fintech sector to develop and grow their businesses. During this time he was appointed CEO of Metamako, which was acquired by Silicon Valley based Arista Networks in 2018. Prior to this Kevin led ITRS where he was instrumental in transitioning the business from a founder-led organization into a PE backed business with the structure and governance model required for institutional ownership. Kevin is an active board member and is deeply involved in leadership mentoring programmes for a number of technology hubs and accelerators including Techstars, Barclays Accelerator, Level 39 and the H2 Accelerator in Australia.

Clare Walsh - Advisor to the Board

Queen of playing Devil’s Advocate. Clare brings a wealth of Fintech knowledge and business acumen.

Clare Walsh

Advisor to the Board

Clare joins Team KA2 as an advisor to the executive management team. She brings nearly 40 years experience of the financial technology/fintech industry. Clare is a marketing and business development specialist and co-founder of Metia and Finextra, both ground breaking businesses within the fintech arena. Based on her extensive knowledge of the financial services sector and the challenges in creating sustainable businesses, Clare has a bit of reputation for being a challenger herself, always questioning the validity of long held opinions and strategies. Her role within KA2 will be to provide objective, independent business growth and marketing advice to Chriss and the team, together with access to her extensive network of contacts throughout the industry. Clare enjoys writing, and, unlike Chriss, she is an avid football fan, supporting West Ham.

Deborah Sowerbutts - Advisor to the Board

A rugby fan and master of risk management, Deborah brings a unique set of expertise and knowledge to the KA2 board.

Deborah Sowerbutts

Advisor to the Board

Deborah, a qualified Chartered Accountant (Price Waterhouse), joins KA2 as an advisor to the board, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in risk management, corporate governance, financial reporting, regulatory interactions and internal controls. For more than 25 years, Deborah has held senior positions with many leading global institutions, responsible for business management, operations, risk management and internal auditing, both domestic and internationally.

 Most recently, Deborah served as Regional Head of Global Real Estate for JP Morgan Chase, where she oversaw a real estate portfolio across 23 countries in EMEA. Prior to joining JP Morgan Chase, Deborah spent 15 years with Citigroup, where she most recently served as Chief Risk Officer for Global Transactions Services. Today, as founder and managing director of Rickard Associates, Deborah partners with financial services firms around the globe to help them address their regulatory and risk management challenges in a compliant manner.  

When Deborah’s not solving complex regulatory issues, you can find her cheering on one of her favourite rugby teams (Harlequins, London Scottish, and England). She also enjoys spending time in her garden allotment and is just starting out with flower gardening!

KA2 Subject Matter Experts

Lewis Martin - Head of Enterprise Service Management

Not to be mistaken for Lewis Hamilton, our Lewis also has a need for speed - whether it be on foot when completing the London Marathon or on his beloved motorbike. However, Monday to Friday he applies his Formula 1 approach to IT Service Management.

Lewis Martin

Head of Enterprise Service Management

Lewis brings a wealth of experience to the KA2 team. This includes managing a number of consulting practices within Europe and as an IT Service Manager for a City financial services firm. He has in-depth knowledge across a variety of IT Service Management platforms, most notably Lewis is helping KA2 to shape and build our Service Management Practice and is also leading a number of our major ITSM client engagements. We believe that a consulting partner should be vendor agnostic, able to offer direct and impartial advice and guidence across service management and the supporting tooling and platforms. His deep understanding of customer requirements enables him to drive and support technology transformation programmes into small or enterprise scale organisations, irrespective of whether they are just starting out or are already on a change journey.

Andy Downs - Head of Workplace Transformation

If you don't have a 'modern workplace' - quite frankly you're not living. A seasoned professional having worked with some of the world’s most demanding teams, Andy knows what it takes to deliver robust digital workspace transformations.

Andy Downs

Head of Workplace Transformation

Andy Downs, IT programme manager with over 25 years’ experience in the financial services arena working for leading global players including Fidelity International, UBS and JPMorganChase. Specialising in the delivery of modern end user experiences such as Office 365, Mobility and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to Digital Workplace transformations. In between the demands of work and family life, Andy is a keen motorcyclist and will often be found at various racetracks around the UK and Europe during the summer months.

Justin Gibbs - Head of Cyber Security

Cyber security has become the biggest challenge for every company in 2020, for Justin he’s no stranger to the demands of solving security problems for organisations of any size. When he’s not guiding clients with leading solutions he’s challenging himself with the physical demands of skiing on the highest peaks in the alps.

Justin Gibbs

Head of Cyber Security

Cyber security has become the biggest challenge for every company in 2020, for Justin he’s no stranger to the demands of solving security problems for organisations of any size. When he’s not guiding clients with leading solutions he’s challenging himself with the physical demands of skiing on the highest peaks in the alps.




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