How to streamline Asset Management with ServiceNow

24 April 2024

Is Asset Management one of those tasks perpetually relegated to the back burner, overshadowed by more pressing matters? Unsure of where to even begin with asset data, let alone distinguish between an Asset and a CI? If you find yourself nodding along, fear not – ServiceNow is here to illuminate the path with its clear and concise HAM module. 

The first step in Asset Management is establishing a robust inventory. This task can span weeks or even months when dealing with disparate sources of asset data or conducting onsite surveys. This crucial baseline is the foundation upon which further steps rest once integrated into ServiceNow. 

But what comes next? How do you extract maximum value from tracking assets? Hardware Asset Management (HAM) leverages business process automation to optimise the value of your IT investments. 

A forward-thinking HAM strategy goes beyond mere reliability monitoring and backup equipment provisions. It streamlines lifecycle stage tracking and even automates specific processes, offering a myriad of advantages for your enterprise. By leveraging the ServiceNow HAM module, inefficiencies can be unearthed, procurement processes enhanced, and contract negotiations improved. Manual tasks are minimised, data is normalised and reconciled, empowering informed decision-making and yielding superior outcomes. 

A Service Catalog facilitates swift configuration of hardware and peripherals through an employee portal equipped with request management. This ensures prompt response to requests, equipping employees with the tools they need precisely when they need them. Keeping a close eye on expenditures is paramount. Opting for hardware bundles reduces the variety of models IT must track. While automating inventory management ensures timely replenishment through stock rule-based orders, eliminating the spectre of human error. 

Integrating HAM with ITSM via automated workflows mitigates risks associated with manual device swaps and the potential for lost or misplaced equipment. Seamless record updates between service management and HAM uphold service level agreements and maintain data accuracy. Insights gleaned from incidents inform future hardware procurement and maintenance decisions. 

Disposal represents a critical facet of asset management, fraught with both regulatory and environmental considerations. Safeguarding organisational data during disposal necessitates a considered approach. Integrating certified disposal vendors into workflows ensures thorough data wiping through IT operations processes. Devices need not meet their demise in landfills. Instead, consider repurposing, recycling, or donating them. By doing so, your organisation demonstrates commitment to sustainable operations, effectively mitigating environmental impact. 

So, the good news is HAM can be a pivotal tool in tracking the full carbon lifecycle of every device within an IT estate. However, collecting reliable and auditable carbon credentials for each device has proved a significant challenge. Here’s the exciting part:  KA2’s award-winning COzPro Solution, specifically the key components COzConnect and the Carbon Rating Engine, enhances HAM by enriching every device’s standard hardware asset information with real-time CO2e data. The Carbon Rating Engine boasts the world’s most extensive repository of curated Scope 2 and 3 carbon impact data. Through an API connection, it extends HAM’s capabilities to deliver sustainable, as well as secure, reliable and cost-effective IT management.  

Armed with this granular information, organisations can make data-driven decisions regarding hardware asset procurement, usage and disposal. Additionally, the latest version of the Built for ServiceNow COzPro Application introduces the COzCompare functionality. With COzCompare, users can analyse the carbon impact metrics of any given asset and compare them to the top ten best-in-class comparable devices available in the market. Including key sustainability considerations in IT purchasing decisions has never been easier. 

In summary, with ServiceNow’s HAM module at your disposal, navigating the complexities of asset management becomes not just manageable but also a catalyst for operational efficiency and sustainability and shaping a greener future for your organisation.  

Ready to revolutionise your asset management strategy and implementation? Our team of ServiceNow and Sustainability experts stand ready to guide you every step of the way. Get in touch today!