Decarbonise Your IT Estate for a Greener Tomorrow with COzPro

Technology has become an indispensable part of today's world. Yet, this convenience comes at an environmental cost, with technology contributing up to 30% of business CO2e Scope 3 emissions. As the world accelerates towards a fully digital future, organisations increasingly recognise the environmental implications of their technology estates, fuelling a pressing need to take ownership of the problem and address their direct impact on the planet.

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Are you ready to embark on your journey toward a sustainable IT future? Let COzPro be your trusted partner in reducing your IT estate's environmental impact. Measure it, manage it, and make a meaningful difference with COzPro today!

Pioneering Sustainable IT Practices

We are driven by a mission to empower our clients, partners, and suppliers to measure, manage, and model the environmental impact of their IT estate. Our goal is to pave the way for universal Sustainable IT and to promote practices that align with the principles of ESG standards. We're committed to extending environmental stewardship beyond regulatory mandates, demonstrating authentic dedication to a greener planet.

Award-Winning Solution

Achieving Sustainable IT with COzPro:
Your Path to Success

Whether you are bound by legal or industry regulations or simply driven by a commitment to CSR and ESG initiatives, you need access to accurate, up-to-date emission impact data to decarbonise your IT estate.

The award-winning COzPro Environmental Solution, designed and built by KA2, provides the power to make informed decisions around the journey to Sustainable IT assets and services, waste reduction, cost savings, and regulatory compliance.

Unlocking the Potential of COzPro

The unique COzPro data enables you to set precise carbon reduction targets and confidently monitor and report on these objectives by baselining your current carbon footprint and future carbon liabilities. The COzPro Environmental Solution takes your decarbonisation strategy one step further by offering a unique view of the carbon impact of your IT estate beyond the immediate offboarding of assets to reduce CO2e emissions from your IT estate and upholding environmental accountability for their subsequent journey.

Carbon Impact Data on Demand

Imagine embedding real-time carbon measurement, modelling and reporting into your IT operations using the ServiceNow platform. The COzPro Application, a certified companion tool available on the ServiceNow Store, provides a seamless experience to understand your current and future IT estate's carbon impact. The COzPro Application and IT Asset Management work in tandem to provide full and accurate visibility of your emissions – the crucial first step to carbon reduction. The data can be used to model outcomes throughout your IT assets' lifecycle - acquisition, retention, and disposal - empowering informed sustainability strategies.

Managed Carbon Impact Reporting

And the good news - COzPro's unique data-driven capabilities are available to everyone, regardless of whether you use ServiceNow. Just share your asset database outputs in a standard format, and our experts will map your assets to COzPro data, cross-reference it with vendor information, and quickly deliver a customised, detailed carbon impact report that meets your specific needs. If you want to incorporate sustainability criteria into your tech purchasing decisions or make sustainability a core focus of your next technology change project, COzPro Carbon Impact Reporting is the solution.

Cultivating Sustainability with COzPro: Standout Benefits

Automatic Asset Mapping

Effortlessly map your existing IT estate to a carbon profile

Understand Environmental Impact

Quickly understand the environmental impact of the lifecycle of your current and future IT assets

Create a Net-Zero Baseline

Develop a robust reduction plan with dashboards for recording, tracking, and reporting of carbon emissions

Leverage COzCompare Analytics

Utilise our modelling tool to analyse CO₂ metrics and shape acquisition, retention, and disposal strategies for emission reduction

Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Showcase your commitment to addressing climate change to employees, customers, and shareholders

Anticipate Reporting Obligations

Stay ahead of evolving statutory environmental and carbon tax implications

Awards and Accolades

We worked with KA2 to explore management of digital assets across different healthcare providers. KA2’s platform, COzPro supported management of 24000 assets, allocating assets a carbon profile, helping providers to understand the carbon footprint of individual assets and support informed decision-making. Using KA2’s expertise and methodology we were also able to consider the potential impact of digitally enabled healthcare assets – something that has previously not been estimated! The team at KA2 demonstrated their expertise and passion for delivering sustainable IT at every meeting and we were so pleased to collaborate with them.

Amy Twyman - Digital Lead

Chriss has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking solutions to tackle pressing environmental challenges. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability has led to the creation of COzPro, the award-winning, data-driven sustainability solution.

Most Empowering ESG Tech Innovations CEO - UK

This highly respected award recognises Chriss’ outstanding leadership qualities and her unwavering commitment to excellence in every collaboration and service delivered to our global clients.

Most Influential CEO - Technology Consulting

In recognition of the KA2 COzPro Application to support carbon reduction goals and the collaboration with our partner N2S for advancing the understanding and adoption of a circular economy business model to drive the sustainability agenda

Circular Economy Project of the Year
GBA Judging Panel

Not only does the solution solve a big need around recycling and reducing carbon footprints, but it also provides an effective means of addressing the often under-considered emissions of large-scale IT systems

ESG and Sustainability Solution of the Year
FStech Judging Panel

This award recognises excellence in both sustainability products and sustainably-designed products and is awarded for creating a solution which promises to deliver significant environmental or social sustainability improvements.

Product Innovation: Solutions, Systems and Software
edie Awards 2024

KA2's Science-based impact reporting platform is the first to truly empower enterprise businesses to deliver on their ESG and CSR obligations and objectives across the purchase, consumption, and recycling of IT equipment: creating an accountable and truly circular tech economy

Emerging Tech Initiative of the Year
DL100 Judging Panel

Not only does the solution solve a big need around recycling and reducing carbon footprints, but it also provides an effective means of addressing the often under-considered emissions of large-scale IT systems

Partnership or Collaboration of the Year
FStech Judging Panel

For championing a particularly innovative piece of technology, service and/or business model which holds the potential to decarbonise business and drive us towards net-zero.

Innovation of the Year: Software, Systems & Services
edie Net-Zero Awards 2023

COzPro has given us an accurate view of the carbon footprint of our organisation's IT assets. Whether it’s a new laptop or an old phone, those which are supplied/leased by vendors, we can view and report on the key data across our IT estate. It allows us to strategically plan how long we keep assets, how we replace them, or whether they should be reused within the business. Whilst we are in the early stages of maturing our CMDB, COzPro ensures informed decisions are made when it comes to the lifecycle of our assets, purchasing and vendor selection.

Amanda Hepple
Head of Service Management at Metro Bank (UK)

As part of our recent laptop refresh we engaged with KA2 to review the sustainability of prospective devices. KA2 were able to provide valuable information based on the manufacturer’s own sustainability information as well as the sustainability of device components. This information helped our decision-making process and meant that device and manufacturer sustainability was taken into consideration for this purchase, and not just the usual metrics of cost, device performance and device aesthetics.

Andrew Osborn
Head of IT at Rider Levett Bucknall

Understand Your Workplace IT Carbon Impact: The Simple Facts

The average annual carbon footprint of an individual in the UK is 15 tonnes of CO2e*. Surprisingly, an individual’s workspace, including a laptop, docking station, phone, mouse, keyboard, display, and printer, contributes 500 kg to their annual CO2e emissions. For an organisation with 5000 end users, this amounts to 2500 tonnes of CO2e per year. To put this in perspective, 2500 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to the emissions from 961 return flights from London to Miami (2.6 tonnes per flight). By understanding your IT-related carbon impact, you can make sustainable technology choices and contribute to a greener planet.

*Ref: Mike Berners-Lee, How Bad Are Bananas?

The Complete Sustainable IT Solution

The COzPro Solution offers a holistic suite of environmental services to empower your organisation to decarbonise your technology estate.

Discovery, Mapping, and Analysis of IT Carbon Footprint:
Deep dive into your IT ecosystem, meticulously uncovering and mapping the carbon footprint of your entire IT operations

Reporting and Recommendation for IT Environmental Planning:
Comprehensive reporting and tailored recommendations to help you chart a strategic course for environmentally conscious IT planning

Improvement and Optimisation for Carbon Impact Reduction:
Optimise your operations to significantly reduce your carbon footprint, ensuring your IT practices align with sustainability goals

Development and Automation of IT Operational Services:
Development and automation of IT operational services, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Service Mapping:
Optimise your CMDB and service mapping for enhanced visibility and efficient IT operations

Process Analysis and Mapping:
Analysis and mapping of your IT processes, identifying areas for improvement and sustainability integration

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Review and Implementation:
Assess your IT asset management practices and implement industry-leading ITAM solutions for streamlined control

ServiceNow Platform Optimisation and Best Practice:
Optimise your ServiceNow platform, ensuring adherence to best practices for seamless IT Service Management

Asset Discovery and Audit:
Site surveys and comprehensive asset discovery audits to assess the status of your IT assets

On-Site Data Sanitisation and Asset Decommissioning:
Secure data sanitisation and proper decommissioning of assets on-site, mitigating data security risks

Secure Asset Transportation and Treatment:
Secure transportation of IT assets and their eco-friendly treatment at certified facilities

The Onward Asset Journey: 
The management of the disposal lifecycle of your IT assets, including secure storage, reuse, resale, recycling, and eco-friendly bio-reclamation


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