Delivering Sustainable IT in Healthcare across North East Lincolnshire

24 April 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration between KA2 and Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, supported by Health Innovation Yorkshire and Humber with project delivery, a pioneering proof of concept was undertaken between January and March 2024. The aim? To identify, measure, and manage the lifecycle carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions across a sample of providers in North East Lincolnshire Place, all under the auspices of NHS England – Digital Net Zero. 

The project culminated in April, marking a resounding success with the loading of over 24,000 asset data onto KA2’s innovative COzPro platform, meticulously mapped to carbon profiles using the KA2 Carbon Rating Engine.  The CRE is an advanced no-code calculation engine and data lake hosting the world’s largest IT asset-level CO2e data repository. The uploaded assets spanned the Healthcare estate, encompassing Primary Care, Secondary Care, Social/Community Care, and Local Authority services. The extensive hardware inventory ranged from computers, monitors, and printers to the full range of data centre devices. As an additional workstream, KA2 mapped over 100 models of clinical assets, ranging from MRI scanners to laboratory devices.  In the absence of available manufacturer EPDs, each device was assigned a unique carbon profile calculated using the COzPro proprietary algorithms.  This was the first in-depth analysis of the Scope 2 and 3 carbon impact of medical devices undertaken by the NHS and KA2 is proud to have played an important part in this important initiative.  

With their asset data seamlessly integrated into KA2’s award-winning Environmental Solution, COzPro, and the creation of intuitive dashboards, the organisation can model carbon reduction and optimisation plans for their technology landscape with unprecedented accuracy, all in real-time. Initial insights from the project are already providing actionable initiatives, revealing the potential to rationalise manufacturers, models, and asset types, thus unlocking carbon reductions exceeding 25% for the entire estate. Moreover, the project has unveiled substantial opportunities for cost savings in IT procurement and support, aligning sustainability efforts with financial prudence. 

This groundbreaking endeavour not only underscores the commitment of the involved parties to environmental stewardship but also sets a remarkable precedent for the healthcare sector. By leveraging advanced digital innovation and collaborative partnerships, healthcare institutions can drive tangible sustainability outcomes while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency, waste reduction and cost-effectiveness. 

As the world grapples with pressing environmental challenges, initiatives like this demonstrate the profound impact achievable through collective action and innovation. The success of the Humber and North Yorkshire ICB project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of data-driven sustainability initiatives in healthcare, inspiring similar endeavours across medical providers globally. 

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