Advancing Our Joint Commitment to Sustainable IT: Combining an innovation meetup and an educational visit to n2s circular economy centres with Metro Bank.

16 August 2023

In March 2023, KA2 proudly secured two prestigious awards for developing our data-driven environmental solution COzPro.

The first accolade recognised the groundbreaking collaboration with our circulareconomy partner n2s for Partnership and Collaboration of the Year. The second award honoured our transformative ESG and Sustainability Solution, COzPro, with Metro Bank.

By bridging the gap between sustainability and technology, COzPro is an effective means of addressing the often-overlooked Scope3 CO2e emissions from an IT estate which account for up to 30% of the total business environmental impact. Both achievements reaffirm KA2’s and n2s’ commitment to driving environmental change and empowering organisations to measure, manage and report their carbon impact accurately and responsibly.

And as part of our dedication to sustainability, we recently embarked on a joint visit with Metro Bank to the n2s centres in Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. The journey proved an unexpected challenge for Nikkie Spencer, Director of Cloud and Service Delivery at Metro Bank, who attended the tour the day after completing a triathlon, only to experience the journey from hell by having to navigate cancelled trains and diversions – which was a marathon in itself! But this only further demonstrated her personal and Metro Bank’s commitment to our important partnership.

The itinerary included a tour of n2s’ state-of-the-art recycling plant, biotechnology laboratories, and the new purpose-built bioleaching and refining plant. Notably, n2s has recently engaged the Environment Agency to audit and future licence their new innovations to be closed-loop and create zero pollution, further exemplifying their pioneering commitment to the environment.

But the visit to the n2s centres was more than a fun day out in the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire countryside; it represents the deepening partnership between KA2, n2s, and Metro Bank. And who knew that asset recycling could be so interesting and involve so much laughter? By understanding the return journey of hardware assets and the important part it plays in building a circular economy, we strengthen our collective commitment to decarbonising IT. Our collaboration highlights how the exchange of knowledge and ideas plays a crucial role in innovation and moving theory into actionable plans spanning purchasing, employee engagement, corporate and home workplaces, data centres and cloud services.

Our successful collaboration with n2s and Metro Bank has proven instrumental in driving Sustainable IT strategies and demonstrates our collective dedication to building a greener and more sustainable future.