Improving the SAP User Experience: A Manual-to-Automated Journey Using ServiceNow

04 June 2024

When a leading manufacturing client approached KA2 to review their SAP Access Request process, we knew this journey would be transformative for both parties. At KA2, we pride ourselves on our ability to uncover client needs, even when they aren’t entirely clear. Our unique approach and expertise set us apart from other consultancies, and this engagement was no exception.

The Challenge

To kick off the project, we conducted a series of workshops with key stakeholders. These sessions were essential for documenting the current process and identifying pain points. It quickly became evident that the internal SAP team was struggling with a cumbersome, error-prone system. The existing process involved a Word document for access requests, which was emailed around for approvals. This system led to frequent errors and significant time wasted chasing incomplete forms, costing the team approximately one man-day per week.

Our Recommendations

Although the organisation already utilised ServiceNow in some areas, there was scepticism about its potential to improve the SAP Access Request process. At KA2, we knew that ServiceNow could offer substantial benefits with minimal changes. To address the client’s concerns and demonstrate ServiceNow’s capabilities, we proposed building a Proof of Concept (PoC).

Simultaneously, understanding the client’s immediate need for improvement, we re-engineered the access request form using Excel. By incorporating dropdown menus and conditional formatting, we created a more user-friendly and error-resistant form. This interim solution significantly reduced mistakes and saved the internal team valuable time.

The Proof of Concept

We meticulously developed the PoC in ServiceNow, addressing the main areas of concern. Our solution showcased semi-automated processes, mandatory fields to prevent skipped steps, and various approval workflows. Additionally, we streamlined SAP roles into a logical hierarchy. The client was thrilled with the PoC, appreciating how it retained control while enhancing efficiency and accuracy. We are now moving forward with a full ServiceNow proposal to further integrate and optimise their processes.

Interim Success

The Excel form proved to be an effective interim solution, significantly reducing errors and incomplete submissions. This allowed the internal team to focus more on processing requests rather than chasing corrections. This temporary fix demonstrated the value of incremental improvements while laying the groundwork for the comprehensive ServiceNow solution.

The KA2 Difference

At KA2, we believe in delivering immediate value while planning for long-term success. Our creative, out-of-the-box thinking, combined with deep ServiceNow expertise, ensures we provide practical and innovative solutions. Whether it’s through a quick Excel fix or a robust ServiceNow integration, we save our clients time and effort, proving why KA2 is the consultancy of choice.

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