KA2 Delivers ServiceNow Platform HealthChecks

03 February 2022

The start of a new year often motivates us to review our health, diet, exercise regime, finances, careers, and many other aspects of our personal lives. But applying that healthy attitude to our work and processes can be beneficial too.  

Since the start of the year, KA2 has been working with organisations to ensure optimal performance of their ServiceNow platform by running ServiceNow Platform HealthCheck’s. 



It is a full-body assessment of your Instance health that analyses system configuration against best practice definitions. The assessment looks at five key categories – Ease of Upgrade, Performance, Ease of Management, Security, and User Experience.  

Focus is given to custom code and areas of heavy configuration, where ‘out the box’ solutions are available. 



Running a HealthCheck provides insight and recommendations on what you are doing well and where you could improve. 



Many organisations have implemented ServiceNow to support the delivery of scalable, efficient and automated digital services to their users. However, many organisations are failing to achieve their desired outcomes and realise their investment in the ServiceNow platform.  

This is linked to unnecessary customisation, poorly configured and sub-optimal processes, and a lack of best practice knowledge, which can result in: 

Slow delivery of upgrades and new releases 

Reporting Issues and Inaccuracies 

Performance Degradation 

Poor User Experience 

Non-compliance with security policy and audit 

Inability to realise outcomes and associated predicted cost savings 



The HealthCheck provides data-driven insight to help you to understand and optimise your production instance configuration and to identify where you may have technical debt. 

KA2 will work with you to assess the health of the platform and provide a plan to improve the overall status, pace of delivery, and success of your major releases to create a better time to value for the wider platform adoption and move closer to ‘out the box’ and current best practices. 

We do this by focusing on configuration and customisations, with the view to remove bad coding practices and increase ‘out the box’ use, where not doing this can restrict instance upgrades and make it difficult to adopt new functionality – without removing the essential capabilities and functionality that you have adopted. 



Undertaking a ServiceNow HealthCheck and working with KA2 to review any issues and move closer to ‘out the box’ will ensure optimal performance of your platform and – 

Improve platform release lifecycle 

Result in faster adoption of new functionalities 

Improve the success of implementations of further platform capabilities 

Accelerate major ServiceNow upgrades 

Improve testing successes and reduce testing failures 

Reduce technical debt and the costs associated with any remedial work 

And move towards a best practice and ‘out the box’ ServiceNow platform 


So, are you confident that your ServiceNow platform is as healthy as it can be?  

If the answer is ‘no’ and you would like to speak to one of our domain experts and book a ServiceNow Platform Health Check, please get in touch.