Bank of England, FCA and PRA issued their Operational Resilience Policy

25 June 2021

On Monday 29th March Financial Conduct Authority and PRA issued their Operational Resilience Policy. The shared policy summary and consultation papers detail how organisations must take responsibility for their operational resilience and for the services they supply.

By March 2022, organisations operating in the regulated financial services markets will be required to have identified the key attributes of their services, documented the process, people and technology required to support these services, set impact tolerances and be able to take the necessary action to stay within the set tolerances.

KA2 Limited’s extensive experience in Governance, Risk and Compliance, together with our capability as a leading ServiceNow Specialist GRC Partner, ensures we can effectively support organisations to meet their regulatory obligations in twelve months’ time. The ServiceNow platform provides a comprehensive solution for organisations to understand and document key services and ensure that the key operational resilience requirements are met and monitored. The combined power of KA2 and ServiceNow can accelerate your organisation’s response and ensure your people, processes and technology are ready for 2022.

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