Empowering the modern workforce

KA2 is delivering a modern, digital workspace, where staff can get to their apps and be productive wherever they are, using whatever devices suit them at the time. Using the latest desktop and application virtualisation solutions, combined with state-of-the-art identity and data security services, we deliver a serviceable and secure workspace across any device or channel. By making use of public cloud vendors’ infrastructure, platform and software services, KA2 deploy and scale out environments, globally, without accruing physical kit and the associated hosting and maintenance overheads. Modern software defined infrastructure, combined with continuous deployment methodologies, enables rapid, reliable and testable changes in manageable increments. Existing services are kept up to date and new capabilities are deployed efficiently. This approach ensures the digital workspace team can respond promptly to feedback and any new business requirements.

KA2 Delivers Complex London HQ and Technology Separation Programme