KA2 Delivers Complex London HQ and Technology Separation Programme


KA2’s client, a world-renowned media and information company, were expanding their European Headquarters in London whilst managing the divergence of key areas of the business into a separate ring-fenced entity. The challenge was to complete the £28 million programme to fit out six new floors in the HQ building whilst managing the complex separation of the technology estate within 12 months.  As the programme impacted the existing and divested entities, KA2 worked closely with both to ensure that the outcomes delivered maximum benefit and cost efficiencies to both businesses.


KA2 managed the separation of the converged systems to allow both businesses to operate independently. Working with business units and supplier organisations KA2 ensured that the systems delivered supported the specific needs of the individual business entities. A critical driver to the successful outcome of the programme was to ensure that the new technology and supporting services enabled independent operation once the separation process was complete. KA2 worked closely with the landlords and building services organisations to ensure the deployed services and solutions did not breach the terms of the new lease.

KA2 worked with a diverse range of suppliers from legal service providers to new broadcast organisations to ensure that the programme did not simply leverage existing technology and services but took advantage of new ways of working and modern tooling  more suited to the future needs of the newly separated businesses

KA2 were then engaged to manage the closure of a legacy data centre along with the removal of circuits and IT infrastructure allowing redundant real estate to be returned to the landlord in line with the lease agreement thus avoiding costly penalties.


Using KA2 gave the client access a to level of Technology Buildout and Relocation expertise not available within their respective organisations and allowed their own resources to focus on leveraging the new and exciting opportunities offered by the business separation.

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KA2 Smarter Workspace Fact Sheet

We have worked with KA2 for many years, across a range of infrastructure projects. In all cases  KA2  have taken the time to listen carefully to our brief and desired outcomes and have consistently delivered highly sucessful, time bound projects.

Global Head of Data Centre Services – Information Services Organisation