KA2 successfully delivers ITAM Discovery Report for a leading international retail company


KA2 was delighted to be engaged by a major international retail company to conduct an initial twelve-week ITAM discovery exercise, which served as the first phase of a broader pipeline of work. This included improving their ServiceNow ITAM implementation and operations. 

The Challenge: 

The client had not fully adopted ITAM across their entire IT estate and was facing challenges in managing their sub-inventory and operations. Consequently, they were unable to realise the full potential value of the ServiceNow ITAM product, which was operating sub-optimally. However, the client aimed to extend the scope of ITAM globally. To move forward, KA2 facilitated a comprehensive analysis of the current environment, documented the findings, and made recommendations based on them. 

The Solution: 

We approached the project from three perspectives: People, Process, and Tooling. This involved dedicated work streams and engagement with key stakeholder groups, conducting thorough business and technical analysis. 

The findings were provided in a comprehensive, documented response that identified issues related to the shortcomings of the initial mobilisation. These issues included the absence of clearly defined processes, procedures, and governance, unreliable and missing data, uncontrolled spending, persistent misconfigurations, sub-optimal operations and automation opportunities, and poorly defined support structures. The client, eager to improve, faced numerous challenges and opportunities in this regard. 

Considering the size and complexity of the client’s business and their ambitious goals, reconciling the findings to develop a prescriptive set of delivery actions was a challenge. The agreed-upon project fundamentals were to avoid trying to tackle everything at once and instead apply the principles of Agile: prioritised, incremental delivery to maintain focus. 

The Benefits: 

The initial engagement provided precise insights into the client’s current ITAM capability, a remediation plan, and a roadmap to success. These deliverables supported a business case for future delivery phases and demonstrated a strategic shift towards the target operating model, which would bring significant benefits to the client’s business. Additionally, the proactive engagement with internal stakeholders, facilitated by KA2 as a third party, conveyed a clear message to the consumers of ITAM services: positive change is coming, and they are directly involved in delivering successful outcomes. 

The first stage of the Remediation Plan resulted in the following roadmap to achieve: 

  • Simplified, efficient, and automated processes 
  • Significantly increased return on investment in ServiceNow 
  • Reduced IT spending on hardware and software 
  • Global governance and standardisation 
  • Improved understanding of the value of ITAM among end users and tech teams, along with enhanced employee engagement through education and regular communication 
  • Removal of mundane resource tasks and activities to enhance productivity and foster a positive business culture 

As the client processes the output of the engagement, we continue to support them in customising the next delivery phase to meet budgets, timelines, and other considerations. We eagerly anticipate rolling up our sleeves and delivering the next chapter. 


“This was an exciting project for KA2, as it allowed us to deeply understand the client’s business and its challenges. We received full support and engagement from key stakeholders and individual business units, which was vital for running successful workshops and managing feedback loops. Through these workshops and follow-up sessions, KA2 conducted an in-depth review of the current ITAM implementation and the agreed-upon objectives of the business. We then provided extensive recommendations to achieve the desired outcomes and presented a high-level delivery roadmap.” 

Carol Taylor – Customer Success Manager