Tokyo – A deep dive

15 November 2022

It is that time of year again… when the headaches kick in.  No, I’m not talking about the run-up to Christmas! Instead, I am talking about the pain usually felt by Admins at this time of year due to the next ServiceNow release. Though possibly no longer the headaches of old, with the introduction of Upgrade Plans in the new Tokyo release. These are designed to improve the quality of applications with automated testing and verification.  And to enable you to accelerate your upgrade by packaging the applications into an Upgrade Plan and configure this on a sub-production environment to achieve the desired behaviour.

While most of us will look forward to what Santa will bring us in the next couple of months, it is also a time when scammers will notch things up a gear and attempt to part us of our hard earnt money. If only life was based on the ServiceNow platform, where the enhanced security features would give them a run for their money (no pun intended) with enhancements to the ServiceNow Vault. The Vault protects business-critical applications with premium platform security and privacy controls, which can prevent data loss, monitor user behaviour as well as track change to data, which in turn, increases compliance levels with industry standards and regulations. The platform security and encryption features boost the robustness of the customers’ instance and improves the overall security landscape.

With the economic stresses of today, more and more businesses and people will be looking at cost-saving measures, whether cutting back on overindulgence or looking at your licensing.  ServiceNow* has introduced a license and cloud cost simulator within the new Tokyo release, which can estimate costs for moving from On-premises to cloud which will allow businesses to build cases for moving resources to the cloud and includes considerations for utilization and software and hardware end-of-life.

This leads me to something most of us would like, and not just for Christmas – a more sustainable planet! And here at KA2 headquarters, we have been building out our COzPro application which is now available on the ServiceNow store* and coincides with the launch of the ServiceNow ESG Management application, an exciting new development in the Tokyo release.

The ServiceNow Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management application helps organisations manage all their ESG commitments and enables them to report on the progress they make on their ESG initiatives.

COzPro will support the Tokyo release by enabling a Sustainability lens to be used when looking at IT hardware asset lifecycles in terms of acquiring, using, and managing the disposal, whether these assets are owned or leased.

COzPro will enable organisations to manage the entire CO2 asset lifecycle, understand their environmental position and drive decisions that influence their sustainability agenda, with the ability to compare the current asset environment with a future one where, for example, replacing Desktops with Laptops could have a significant impact on the CO2 environmental impact.

But don’t just take our word for it, check it out on the ServiceNow store today.

Or, to find out more about COzPro – The KA2 Environmental application for ServiceNow, or to book a demo, please contact a member of the COzPro team.


*Available in the ServiceNow Store in November. May require an additional fee or premium level package