KA2’s Big Day Out at the ServiceNow World Forum 2023 

21 November 2023

Last week, Carol TaylorKA2 Customer Success Manager and I had the privilege of attending the ServiceNow World Forum 2023 in London, a global event that brought together a wide range of professionals from multiple sectors and geographies.  As many of our consulting engagements utilise the power of the ServiceNow platform to drive automation and efficiencies, we are always keen to keep up with the latest innovations and share knowledge and understanding of its capabilities.  The event was a hub of knowledge, insights, and innovation, providing an excellent platform to connect with customers, peers, industry experts, and other ServiceNow partners.  So, we thought we would share our experience, highlighting key takeaways and inspiring moments from the event with you.

The Power of Generative AI:

The ServiceNow World Forum shed light on the remarkable potential of generative AI and how it can revolutionise the world of work.  ServiceNow‘s Chief Innovation OfficerDave Wright, shared a vision where generative AI, powered by the Now Platform, automates routine tasks, adapts to user needs, and delivers fast, personalised, and trusted solutions.  Some of the latest generative AI capabilities showcased at the event, such as Now Assist for Virtual Agent, promise conversational experiences and streamlined workflows.  GenAI-based case summarisation and text-to-code further improve developer productivity and issue resolution.

Exploring Sustainability:

One of the pressing topics addressed at the Forum was sustainability, a critical concern for organisations worldwide.  As a ServiceNow Partner, we’re committed to addressing the challenges presented by Scope 3 emissions – those indirect emissions resulting from an organisation’s upstream and downstream activities.  These emissions often constitute a significant portion of a company’s carbon footprint but can be challenging to measure and manage effectively.

During the event, we had the opportunity to talk with other attendees about our award-winning environmental solution COzPro, which seamlessly integrates Scope 3 Carbon data for IT assets into the ServiceNow platform.  The application empowers organisations to meticulously track, manage and report their carbon footprint across their entire IT estate.  It doesn’t stop there; it provides actionable insights and recommendations to curb emissions, such as adopting low-carbon suppliers, optimising usage, and fostering innovation to reduce waste across the supply chain.

The attendees’ positive feedback and genuine interest underscored our solution’s value.  Organisations recognised the potential for COzPro to help them meet regulatory requirements, enhance their reputation, and create a competitive advantage in the sustainability landscape.

I particularly enjoyed the breakout session hosted by Jody Elliott and David Welling from National Grid.  They showcased how they are driving Sustainable IT using the ServiceNow platform to reduce emissions and create energy efficiencies.  I was impressed by the ingenuity and commitment of the two speakers and the wider National Grid team to tackle this critical but challenging subject matter.

Enhancing Customer Experiences:

The event highlighted ServiceNow’s commitment to enhancing the overall customer and user experience through AI.  We learned about AI chatbots, predictive intelligence, and AI-driven performance analytics that provide real-time insights into customer behaviour, enabling data-driven decisions and quicker issue resolution.  Integrating ServiceNow with AI leaders like NVIDIA and Accenture creates new use cases that are reshaping enterprise operations.

Collaboration and Networking:

In addition to these enlightening sessions, we seized the opportunity to connect with other ServiceNow partners, customers, and speakers.  Networking proved to be an invaluable part of the experience as we exchanged contacts, shared experiences, and learned from one another.  The collaboration and knowledge-sharing were truly inspiring.

The ServiceNow World Forum 2023 was an invaluable event that inspired and equipped us with fresh insights and ideas.  We’re excited about the potential of generative AI and how it can benefit our company and clients.  The future of work is evolving rapidly, and ServiceNow is at the forefront of this transformation.

As we continue our journey with ServiceNow, we look forward to applying these newfound insights and exploring more of ServiceNow’s solutions to make work better for everyone.  We’re already eager to attend the next ServiceNow event and continue collaborating with the ServiceNow community to drive innovation and excellence in our field.

Chriss Andrews – CEO at KA2 Limited