KA2 delivers ITAM discovery report for leading international retail company

09 November 2022

KA2 are delighted to be working with a major international retail company. We have just completed the ITAM discovery engagement, the first phase of a larger pipeline of work which is to include the build-out and delivery of improvements to their ServiceNow ITAM implementation and operations.

The client has not fully adopted ITAM across their entire IT estate and is experiencing problems with the sub-inventory and operations that they are trying to manage. The intended value of the ServiceNow ITAM product has not been realised and it is not working as expected, however, the organisational ambition is to extend the scope on a global scale. To move forward, KA2 was required to facilitate a deep dive into the current environment, and to document and advise, based on the findings.

The work was approached from three perspectives; People, Process and Tooling, involving dedicated engagements with the identified key stakeholder groups including in-depth business and technical analysis.

The findings were provided in a comprehensively documented response that identified issues linked to shortcomings of the initial mobilisation, persisting misconfigurations, sub-optimal operations, and support structures. Plenty of challenges and opportunities to improve for a client eager to do so!

The size and complexity of the client’s business, combined with their considerable ambition provided a challenge to reconcile in such a way as to identify a prescriptive set of delivery actions. Boiling the sea and eating elephants were alluded to variously throughout and the golden principles of Agile; prioritised, incremental delivery helped to keep the agenda on track.

The value of the engagement to the client thus far is in providing a clear dissection of the capability that will support a business case for future delivery phases. A strategic move towards the target operating model bringing significant benefits to the client’s business. The proactive engagement with the internal stakeholders through KA2 (as a third party) sent a clear message to the consumers of ITAM services. Positive change is coming, in which you are now involved.

As the client digests and processes the output of the documented engagement, we continue to support them in customising the next phase of delivery to meet budgets, timelines and any other considerations.

We eagerly anticipate the rolling up of sleeves and getting amongst it for the next chapter.

To find out how KA2 can help you achieve your ITAM goals using ServiceNow, please contact a member of the team.