KA2 Attends Innovation Zero

06 June 2023

KA2 CEO, Chriss Andrews, and Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Jean-Marc Jefferson, recently attended Innovation Zero 23 – The International Clean Tech Congress, at The London Olympia. This event, endorsed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and attended by government representatives, influential journalists and CEOs from some of the world’s largest organisations, brought together the brightest minds in sustainability, climate, and cleantech, fostering collaboration and driving the adoption of low carbon solutions to rapidly decarbonise our economy.

Throughout the day, we had the privilege of listening to inspiring talks by best-in-class speakers and engaging in speed meetings that allowed us to connect with clients and fellow innovators in the sustainability tech space. These interactions sparked stimulating conversations and opened up exciting opportunities for collaboration.

“The really impressive thing for me about the event was the sheer number of innovative solutions around sustainability and a real desire for organisations to collaborate.” Jean-Marc Jefferson, KA2.

One thing became abundantly clear: the fight against climate change requires a collective effort from businesses, governments, and financiers. It is imperative that we work together and take swift action to reduce emissions. And KA2 is committed to this cause, and we look forward to participating in Innovation Zero again in 2024 where we will aim to share more about COzPro, our Award-Winning Environmental Application, which has been designed to make a significant impact in addressing carbon reduction challenges.

We hope to see you on the attendee list next year!

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