How Asset Management complements your Sustainability journey

21 March 2023

Historically, the benefits of ITAM have typically focused on solving a range of cost, compliance and operational problems through better tracking, standardisation, reporting, risk management and forecasting. These benefits all have a positive impact on business efficiency, resilience, and security 

And today, ITAM also plays an essential new role in Sustainability and Green Ops. Adding an asset’s carbon footprint to the other data such as the financial, depreciation, disposal fields and other fundamental information such as ownership, stockroom location and the allocation of the asset supports a wide range of finance, procurement, service management, security and sustainability processes.  Devices can now be proactively managed to reduce e-waste and encourage the reuse of hardware and consumables items, and the enhanced asset data can be used to sustainably plan your move to the cloud, your data centre exit, your network upgrade, etc. 

To provide this extended view of a hardware asset, KA2 developed COzPro.   The unique data-driven application expands the CMDB and asset capabilities within the ServiceNow platform to include an asset’s carbon footprint, from manufacture to disposal. This proprietary CO2 data modelling is unique to COzPro. It enables organisations to understand their current carbon footprint and future carbon liabilities, set carbon reduction targets, and monitor and report progress towards those targets.  

KA2’s wider solution centralises asset management visibility, supported by a native CMDB using one platform, one architecture, and one data model. The solution makes managing costs, risk and processes seamless and allows stakeholders to connect ITAM across the enterprise with a single platform and track the end-to-end lifecycle of a company’s assets.   

By implementing a unified system for monitoring and action, organisations can effectively pursue initiatives that generate long-term value and sustainable, resilient and secure outcomes. Such a system helps achieve the following goals: 

  • Minimise new hardware procurement by optimising stockroom inventories 
  • Identify and repurpose underutilised servers to support other business needs 
  • Improve vendor selection by identifying equipment with short lifecycles or high failure rates and choosing ESG-friendly suppliers 
  • Reduce packaging and shipment activities by consolidating orders 
  • Implement eco-friendly and ethical disposal methods to minimise e-waste 
  • Extend the useful life of older assets by repurposing them for non-critical business services, such as intern programs or temporary staffing 
  • Ensure compliance with legal, contractual, and data privacy requirements and ISO standards. 

Put simply, KA2’s ITAM solution incorporating our award-winning COzPro application is the only way to measure, model and report your IT carbon footprint at the asset level. As a result, it can play a significant role in helping your business meet its environmental sustainability goals and supporting your security, service management, operational resilience, finance and procurement processes.