Decarbonise Your IT Estate for a Greener Tomorrow: Introducing the New COzPro Webpage. 

21 November 2023

Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives in today’s world. Yet, this convenience comes with an environmental cost, with technology contributing up to 30% of business CO2e Scope 3 emissions. As the world accelerates towards a fully digital future, organisations increasingly recognise the environmental implications of their technology estates, fuelling a pressing need to take ownership of the problem and address its direct impact on the planet.

We are driven by a mission to empower our clients, partners, and suppliers to measure, manage and model the environmental impact of their IT estate. And our Award-Winning Environmental Solution, COzPro does just that.

How? I hear you ask…   

To find out, visit the all-new COzPro Webpage and discover our comprehensive Sustainable IT Services and how they can seamlessly integrate into your business. Learn how COzPro provides the power to make informed decisions around the journey to sustainable IT assets and services, waste reduction, cost savings, corporate and social responsibility, and regulatory compliance.

Our goal is to pave the way for universal sustainable IT and to promote practices that align with the principles of ESG.

Together we lead the way!