Using SOA to build a secure modern workplace

Gone are the days where networking, security, and infrastructure are separate work-streams. In today’s modern and holistic environments users want to collaborate together with corporate machines, laptops, bring your own devices and mobiles. We have seen this driven by shadow IT in the work place, where people are using their smart phones to do their jobs as network, security and infrastructure boundaries designed to protect intellectual property, which is often static from the outset, difficult to change and become blockers to modern working in a fast paced and changing world.

The challenge for architects is to design and engineer systems together with security in a controlled and structured approach with tools to help people collaborate that are secured by the institution.

The dynamic infrastructure for seamless working needs to be designed and services consumed by user.

In the past a network was built, infrastructure (with security) and thus services applications for the organisation were implemented on that platform. This now does not work in a service driven environment where the organisation may not control the device or network but does control the application and permissions to it.

Using Service Oriented Architecture we are ensuring that networking/infrastructure/security capability is supplied to the applications and identity and access management is delivered to the endpoint – wherever it is – permitting or denying access to corporate applications.