Resource management

Our client’s is an IT infrastructure delivery organisation with five major business units, sub-divided into multiple sub units, each with their own requirements and ‘siloed’ workbooks. The group was struggling to manage the complexity of delivery as well as balancing the demand pipeline (both BaU and project support) with delivery capability, e.g. fixed headcount across a number of specialist teams/skills. There was significant dissatisfaction with the overall service delivery.

KA2ʹs helped optimise this function by delivering a solution to support the internal delivery managers. This covered making changes to their business engagement/service models with new portfolio prioritisation processes and boards for the workbooks. The firm also provided a pipeline management and resource optimisation tool that delivered a number of benefits. These included creating visibility and standardised reporting of work books, key milestone delivery performance and resource/capacity loading (by key skill sets). This significantly improved the overall customer experience by enabling accurate and rapid decisions through ‘what if’ analysis of workbooks in real time for changes to resource skill profiles and/or changes to priorities on the work books and the impact that these would have on the delivery milestones.

The solution achieved significant reputational gains based on better delivery and a more efficient use of the available resources as well improved justification for additional support which could now be calculated on the reality of the deliverables required.