ServiceNow’s Washington DC Release Has Landed!

03 April 2024

While spring might be on the horizon, this update delivers some cracking features that will have users cheering louder than a Nationals’ walk-off homer (look it up!). Or for an English rugby fan – when Marcus Smith scored the winning drop goal in the final minute of a Six Nations game.

Migrating to Platform Analytics: A Smooth Move

Remember those early February communications about responsive dashboards and reports? Well the Washington DC release streamlines their migration to Platform Analytics (introduced in Tokyo) with the handy Platform Analytics Migration Centre. This lets admins (who secretly love reports, we all know it) migrate reports and dashboards with ease. Plus there is even a chance to test the waters before diving in. ServiceNow is aiming for a full migration to this new functionality by the Zurich release in 2025, so this is a great time to get acquainted.

Clone Admin: The Power of Duplication

Admins and developers, rejoice! Clone Admin is here to make your life, well, less cloned. This feature simplifies the entire cloning process, letting you pick source and target instances, set exclusions and keepers, schedule clones, and even enable on-demand backups. On top of that, there is a treasure trove of helpful information on cloning and expert tips. Scripts-Background also gets a long-awaited upgrade, with an almost-full editor (minus the save function) boasting all the bells and whistles you would expect: formatting, commenting, search, line numbers (hallelujah!), IntelliSense, error indicators, and colour-coded keywords. Script lovers using non-production instances, this one’s for you!

Flow Designer: Streamlined and Savvy

The Washington DC release brings some subtle yet powerful enhancements to Flow Designer. The “pick up from where you left off” feature lets you jump right back into your flow, while trigger conditions now support remote table queries. And for developers who have ever dreamt of an undo/redo button, fear not! This release brings that functionality to Flow Designer, making life a little less stressful.

Time-Limited User Roles: The Key to Flexible Access

Finally, the new time-limited user roles are a real game-changer, especially for non-production environments. Now, you can grant users a specific role for a set period, perfect for situations where end users need temporary access to test functionalities. Imagine giving someone admin access for a day – a breeze with this feature!

These are just a few highlights from ServiceNow’s Washington DC release. For the full story, check out the official ServiceNow Release Notes. Happy exploring!

To find out how your organisation can incorporate these new features into your ServiceNow development and operations, get in touch with a member of the KA2 team.