ServiceNow’s Vancouver Release: 4 Impressive Features That Will Revolutionise Your Workflow

05 September 2023

Welcome to the beautiful world of Vancouver, where lush forests meet towering skyscrapers and the scent of poutine wafts through the air. And just like a plate of perfectly crispy fries smothered in savory gravy and cheese curds, the latest ServiceNow release, aptly named Vancouver, is here to satisfy your tech cravings. For tech professionals who already love ServiceNow, this update is like a gastronomic adventure through the streets of Vancouver, full of delightful surprises and satisfying experiences. 

After spending some time exploring the Vancouver release, we’ve handpicked four features that have left us truly impressed. So, grab your fork (or in this case, your keyboard) and join us as we dig into the exciting innovations of ServiceNow’s Vancouver release.

Access Analyser: Your Access Troubleshooter

Ever been stuck in a situation where users can’t access the modules or records, they need, and your IT team is left scratching their heads? We’ve all been there. It’s like attempting to cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge without any handrails – a daunting challenge.  But fear not, ServiceNow has introduced the “Access Analyser” to save the day. 

This nifty tool is available on the ServiceNow Store and true to its name, it analyses access requirements for reaching specific modules, whether they’re tables, UI Pages, REST Endpoints, or script includes callable through the client side. It’s as easy as a morning stroll around Stanley Park – just select the user, the analysis rule, and the location of the issue, and voila! All the information you need to resolve the incident is neatly presented on one page, eliminating those head-scratching moments.

Refined Application Manager: A Seamless Experience

Updating modules in ServiceNow used to feel a bit like navigating Vancouver traffic during rush hour – cumbersome and time-consuming. But with the Vancouver release, the “Application Manager” plugin module has received a sleek makeover. Its interface seamlessly blends with the instance interface, making module updates a breeze. 

Previously, installing modules required you to stay on the page, waiting endlessly until the process completed. Now, you can schedule installations and view a summary of scheduled tasks. Plus, the search capabilities have been significantly enhanced, making it easier to find what you need. The application preview page is also more informative, offering details on required, installed, and not-licensed integrations – a true feast for the eyes of tech professionals.

Improved Flow Designer: Unleash Your Creativity

Let’s talk about the Flow Designer – a feature we absolutely adore. In the past, it felt like being on a strict tour of Vancouver with no detours allowed. Flow Designer was linear, restricting any backtracking or branching logic. But not anymore! Now, you can direct your flow in any direction you desire (within security constraints), giving you the flexibility you’ve been craving. 

Ever accidentally added the wrong data pill and dreaded the domino effect? With the improved Flow Designer, you can edit data pills on the spot, preventing unwanted data deletion. It’s like having a GPS for your workflow, guiding you through Vancouver’s tech landscape with ease.

New AI Capabilities: Text to Code Magic

Our most exciting discovery in the Vancouver release is the Generative AI Capability known as “text to code.” ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture have joined forces to enhance Generative AI with four incredible capabilities. Imagine having a conversation with your AI that feels like chatting with a tech-savvy Vancouver local. 

This AI agent can engage in meaningful conversations, suggest solutions to issues, and provide tips for incident and task resolution. But the real game-changer is its ability to create code based on your requests. All you need to do is write a comment, and ServiceNow’s AI will propose a solution. No more endless online searches for solutions – it’s like having a personal coding assistant right at your fingertips. 

While it might not handle complex logics entirely, it’s a significant step forward in streamlining your scripting tasks. 

In conclusion, ServiceNow’s Vancouver release has added some delicious new flavours to its already impressive menu of features. Whether you’re troubleshooting access, managing applications, designing flows, or harnessing the power of AI, there’s something for every tech enthusiast in this release. So, dive into Vancouver’s tech landscape, savour these new features, and elevate your ServiceNow experience to new heights. Just like the city itself, the Vancouver release is a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation, and it’s waiting for you to explore its exciting possibilities.