Designing Resilient, Data-Driven and Agile IT Operating Models: Insights from the KA2 GRC Practice

02 August 2023

An IT operating model establishes the structure, operations, and value delivery of an IT organisation. It serves as a comprehensive blueprint, outlining the organisation’s approach to orchestrating and governing IT services, projects, standards, processes, and resources, to efficiently and effectively achieve business objectives.

Over the past year, KA2’s Operational Resilience and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Practice have been helping IT organisations and functions design and deliver beneficial changes to their operating models.

Our consultants have been working with senior stakeholders in organisations across the world who are looking to improve their ability to operate effectively in an increasingly complex business environment including:

  • IT organisations that want to accelerate the introduction of best practice techniques (ITIL, ISO, Service or Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management Frameworks etc.)
  • IT leaders who have specific operational issues that block achieving true gains from change programmes
  • IT organisations that want to be perceived as a value add and not a cost centre to their customers

They have chosen to partner with KA2 because of our demonstrable experience of delivering exceptional results based on:

  • Our ‘Smarter Change’ approach starts with their desired outcomes and our blueprint for ‘must have’ capabilities in any IT Operating Model. Using our pre-developed frameworks and iterative approach enables us to pinpoint specific capability components that need to be addressed and the tools or techniques that will do so.
  • Our multi-sector experience includes helping to deliver the most successful government transformation programme to date (completely re-engineering the NHS Supply Chain from a single behemoth contract into an integrated service operating model that is saving £4 Billion over 5 years), resolving specific challenges around ITIL implementations in global financial services organisations and re-engineering programme governance frameworks to deliver enhanced operational and commercial outcomes for manufacturing and retail companies.

To find out more about how KA2 Operational Resilience and GRC Practice can help you achieve resilient, data-driven, and agile operating models in your business, contact us to arrange a call with one of our Practice Consultants.