We are hosting another in the series of our Smarter Forums which follows on from our last event and continues the conversation around ESG, Sustainability, and our CO2 footprint. 

Once again, Lewis Martin, KA2 Head of Enterprise Service Management, will open the event. Joining Lewis and returning as guest speaker is Jean-Marc Jefferson, Head of Sustainability Innovation at N2S.

By leveraging KA2 and N2S combined knowledge and hands-on experience, we will examine how Service Management can support the ESG agenda and what can be done to drive Sustainability in our business operations. 


The discussion will focus on two important interrelated topics:    


Corporations are under pressure to act on emissions or risk the wrath of protesters, investors, shareholders, and regulators. So, what does Corporate Sustainability actually mean? How can you measure and chart your drive to zero-net carbon, and why is it so important? Jean-Marc will provide some fascinating insights into Sustainability and what it means for you, your business and the planet. 


Tracking and evidencing your Corporate Sustainability goals and progress can be problematic. Lewis will lead the conversation on how Service Management and tooling can support your Sustainability initiatives with seamless integration into your existing processes and broader ESG policies and performance metrics.   

We will also discuss how the KA2 Smarter Sustainability Management App can accelerate your drive to zero-net carbon emissions, providing data-driven reporting and management dashboards to influence purchasing and disposal decisions.    


Where:   ServiceNow, Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8AP

When:     THURSDAY 19th May 2022:  14:00 – 17:00  

Agenda –

14:00  Arrival and Networking

14:30  Welcome Introduction

14:45  Open Discussion: Sustainability

15:45  Open Discussion: Service Management

16:45  Closing Summary

17:00  Smarter Forum drinks and networking. 

Other: Strictly by invitation only 


 The Forum’s purpose is to provide a platform that enables a group of like-minded practitioners to openly share business-related issues and explore new thinking in a non-sales ’Chatham House rules’ environment.  In addition, these highly collaborative get-togethers enable participants to produce practical answers to real-world user challenges and create high-value solutions that are the foundation for continuing business success.  


With the last sessions focusing on high-priority topics, such as Security, Operational Resilience and Hybrid Working, we will continue to deliver an agenda driven by the Forum Members.  

 To extract maximum value from these sessions, the number of attendees is limited, and the published agendas only contain a small number of topics.  Previous attendees have demonstrated a keen willingness to contribute to the lively and open discussions.  The Forum has already engendered some excellent business collaborations and knowledge sharing, and we look forward to encouraging these positive attributes going forward.   


Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to propose specific agenda items for this or future events. Let’s tackle these important business issues together by driving outcome-based discussion activity. I am excited to hear from you.  

Lewis Martin, Head of Enterprise Service Management – KA2


The Smarter Forums are sponsored by KA2.