Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

01 March 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the business landscape, KA2 is dedicated to helping our clients address the changes and challenges ahead.

It’s an unprecedented time for businesses across the globe. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it rapid and unexpected changes, for which many organisations were not fully prepared. In this unique business environment, we are committed to delivering continuous, high-quality services, whilst keeping our team and clients safe.

New Ways of Working:

Like most businesses, we have transitioned our team to a safe work-from-home environment. However, whilst we are working remotely, we are working together with clients to help them mobilise, strategise and innovate for a new world of work.  We have redesigned many of our services to be delivered remotely, and we continue to expand our offerings to help our clients tackle new and evolving challenges.

Cybersecurity Risks:

Unfortunately, the pandemic has surfaced some serious cybersecurity issues – from securing large-scale work-from-home arrangements to maintaining data security and compliance amongst remote workforces.  During this time, we urge you to educate your employees and ensure you are taking the appropriate steps to secure your organisation from security breaches and data loss.

For helpful information on protecting your business and securing your remote workforce, please visit our blog to review our Smarter Awareness Tips. We’re also offering a complementary Smarter Collaboration Security Assessment to help ensure the security and compliance of your collaboration tools.

Understanding Impacts to your Business:

As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are here to support our clients in every way we can – from helping to plan a safe return to work to understanding the needed changes to the business environment in the upcoming months. We regularly share insights and advice on our blog, and are available to discuss your concerns, challenges and strategies at any time.

Our team continues to work diligently, and we are working proactively to keep our employees and yours safe and your business and ours moving forward, securely.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at