Meet Darius – Junior Developer

01 November 2022

Darius graduated from the University of Kent with BSc in Computer Science (Networks) and learned how to design and develop projects utilising various programming languages for web, software and smartphone users.

Darius continues to develop his skillset while working for KA2 and is about to complete an MSc degree in Cyber Security to further consolidate his exposure to the cyber world, covering various areas such as Network Security, and Information Security Management.

As a Junior ServiceNow Developer at KA2, Darius has started his journey by learning the fundamentals of IT Service Management and will soon be a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator. He is already an active member of the team working with a number of KA2 customers on their ServiceNow implementation and enhancement projects.

When he is not studying hard, Darius loves to run, because in his words – ‘it gives me the power to escape from the real world and take my life into my own hands to go anywhere I want and as far as I want. But this is not the only activity he enjoys. Darius also likes to swim and practice Martial Arts

He also enjoys going out with his friends and discovering forests, mountains, and the seaside, which leads him to new cultures and especially food. He loves discovering new flavours and has become an avid cook and is always trying to combine flavours to create new ones.