Lewis Martin attends ServiceNow Knowledge 19 in Las Vegas

01 May 2019

Next week the BIG event in the ServiceNow calendar takes place in Las Vegas – Knowledge 19. If you want to get ahead of the amazing developments in the ServiceNow world it’s definitely the place to head for. I last attended in 2016 so I’m excited to be returning, and to see how the event has developed and grown in that time. I understand that there will be almost 20,000 attendees this year, a far cry from my first event in 2011 when there were just 1,000 delegates.

I’m traveling with a KA2 client, NatWest Markets, and pleased to be supporting the Head of ITSM on their first visit. The NatWest ServiceNow journey is an exciting one, one that I, and KA2, have been privileged to be a part of from the very start.
Our client will be taking to the main stage on Tuesday 7th May, in a Q&A session with Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer at ServiceNow and also appearing in a televised interview with a technology channel.

I can’t wait to share the experience with our valued client and hopefully at the same time share my knowledge of Knowledge!

Aside from all the fun we’ll be having there is great opportunity to leverage the knowledge of the ServiceNow community and attend the key sessions to gain insights on what’s in store for the ServiceNow technology roadmap and also learn from the speakers and their experiences. This is not only beneficial to NatWest Markets, but KA2’s other clients.

I’m particularly interested in hearing about the developments in Cloud Management, Transformation, Sec Ops and GRC. These are the areas that are generating a lot of discussion within our client base. I am expecting to see much alignment between the direction ServiceNow are taking with the development of their platform and with KA2’s strategic approach to using the product to support modern technical and business architectures.

If you are going to the event and interested in catching up with me, please get in touch, I’m really looking forward to it. See you in Las Vegas… yeah baby!

Lewis Martin, Head of ITSM and ServiceNow,