KA2 Smarter Operational Resilience Framework using ServiceNow IRM capability

08 September 2021

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you will know that regulators have set deadlines for businesses to deliver their operational resilience framework by the first Bank of England deadline of March 2022.  Organisations then have three years to transition onto their framework and operate within their defined impact tolerances.  

But this is not a fluffy subject. Operational Resilience is a serious and complex matter, and March 2022 is rapidly approaching.  

Luckily for you, KA2 has a formulated program to deliver a risk and control framework to ensure that firms can prevent, adapt, respond, recover and learn from disruption events, enabling a dynamic view of ’risk to resilience’.  

Using a three-phased approach, KA2 delivers the Smarter Operational Resilience Framework using ServiceNow IRM capability to automate risk and compliance activities across an integrated platform and make it actionable through digital workflows and AI-powered user experiences.   


Phase 1: Design and build prototypes to integrate the Operational Resilience Framework requirements into ServiceNow, including the roadmap and dependencies for implementation.  Create Service Owner-driven views around the services and potential risks as well as ongoing remediation items.   

  • Service Impact Assessment   
  • Service Risk Assessment   
  • Service Impact Tolerance   
  • Service Scenario Testing   
  • Service Self-Assessment   
  • Service Compliance   



Phase 2: Design and build prototypes to integrate controls to proactively update, monitor, and maintain the control environment, including the roadmap and dependencies for implementation. Develop the data model and data attributes, creating a consistent target data model that proactively monitors dynamic service and process status to prevent disruption events from occurring.   

  • Dynamic Operational Status against Impact Tolerance    
  • Dynamic Status of Risks to Resilience by Process Control Effectiveness and Monitoring   
  • Intra Group Entity MSAs Mapped to Service and Process    
  • Integration of Third-Party Control Environment   
  • Dynamic Status of Process Controls Mapped to Policies   
  • Regulatory Controls Mapped to Jurisdiction   



Phase 3: Design the operational approach and automation of the first line control environment.  Design the downstream functional activities and create workflows and dashboards to increase effectiveness and consistency by removing manual processes.  

  • Important Business Service Workflow Optimisation   
  • Process Level Risk and Resilience Workflow Optimisation   
  • Process Governance Workflow Optimisation   
  • Intra Group Outsource MSA Workflow Optimisation   
  • Third-Party Outsource Workflow Optimisation   


After reading this article, you should have a high-level understanding of how the KA2 Smarter Operational Resilience Framework, designed by our experienced Business Risk and Resilience Consultants, delivers a comprehensive Operational Resilience solution using ServiceNow IRM capabilities.    

So now is the time to ask yourself, are you confident that you can deliver your operational resilience framework by the rapidly approaching deadline of March 2022, which is just a few weeks away? 

If the answer is ‘no’ and you would like to know more about the KA2 Smarter Operational Resilience Framework, please get in touch today and arrange a consultation with one of our domain experts.