KA2 Operational Resilience Workshop

04 November 2021


You will know that regulators have set deadlines for financial services businesses to deliver their operational resilience framework by the first Bank of England deadline of March 2022. Organisations then have three years to transition onto their framework and operate within their defined impact tolerances. 

Operational Resilience is a serious and complex matter, and March 2022 is rapidly approaching, it seems many organisations are still struggling to understand the new regulations and what they specifically mean to them.  

KA2 has been working with a number of financial services customers to present an interactive Operational Resilience workshop that delivers the following outcomes – 


  • A clear understanding of the processes required within the organisation to develop Operational Resilience. 
  • A clear understanding of the regulatory requirements as they specifically relate to the organisation. 
  • A view on what supporting tools may be required to support Operational Resilience. 
  • A clear view on how to determine ‘important’ business services. 
  • Understanding impact tolerances and how to set them. 
  • Understanding what scenarios to plan for. 
  • Understanding the need for amending or developing new communication strategies around disruption. 
  • Understanding the shape of board interaction. 


KA2 partners with organisations to guide, inform, challenge, and embed Operational Resilience into the fabric of the business.  

 We provide support to deliver the following important disciplines –  


  • Business service mapping. 
  • Critical business service selection. 
  • Mapping of business services including supporting assets (people, technologies, locations, and third parties). 
  • Tool selection for storing the business service and dependant asset information. 
  • Impact tolerance setting. 
  • Understanding what scenarios to plan for. 
  • Scenario testing. 
  • Building or amending existing communication strategies around disruption. 
  • Shaping board interaction around Operational Resilience. 
  • Self-assessment or external assessment of the organisation’s operational resilience capability. 


To speak to one of our experts about the KA2 Operational Resilience Workshop, please contact one of our workshop facilitators at or 0203 978 1818.