KA2 offers bespoke Managed Services

17 August 2022

Digital transformation is the number one topic on any board agenda.  And the burgeoning level of change places increasing stress on existing operating models and resources. Companies need additional expertise, but the cost and pace of scaling up the old way might not be the best route to achieving effective transformation goals. Increasingly businesses are turning to service providers to support their drive for automation, AI, and standardisation to provide scalable, profitable, and sustainable solutions that help them generate revenue faster than ever before.

Customers want outcomes, not outputs.  They want measurable results. And importantly, every customer experience needs to be amazing.

KA2 has recently partnered with a leading Challenger Bank to deliver an important part of their strategic digital transformation journey using the ServiceNow platform. Having completed the foundational build-out project, the Bank has chosen to work side-by-side with KA2 to deliver a range of ongoing initiatives. Together we designed a bespoke Managed Service, which provides a flexible structure to provide a wide range of on-demand skills.

 For example, the Service enables the Bank to spin up a project team at short notice, deal with a development backlog, run a requirements workshop, conduct a process review, or get advice on their strategic direction to create value, unlock productivity, and drive innovation on the platform.

And bespoke sounds expensive. Far from it! We have proved excellent service can be cost-effective. And as a result, our model ensures the Bank’s own workforce can confidently support the ServiceNow platform and provide an amazing customer experience without the expense of recruiting additional full-time employees or hiring transient contract resources to fill the skills gaps.

To find out more about our tailor-made Managed Service capability and how KA2 can support your organisation to achieve more without sacrificing productivity, user experience, and customer satisfaction, please get in touch with Lewis Martin, Head of ESM and ServiceNow.