KA2 and ServiceNow Forge a New Partnership

03 November 2020

Since our launch in 2017, KA2 has built an impressive track record of delivering significant enterprise ServiceNow projects. Our most recent implementation for a global financial service organisation ranks in the top 4% of ServiceNow’s global assessment ratings.   

We are therefore delighted to announce that KA2 became the latest ServiceNow Sales and Services Partner in July of this year, a move which both strengthens our position in the delivery of market-leading service management solutions to our customers and demonstrates our commitment to the long-term development of the ServiceNow platform.

“ServiceNow underpins much of the work we do with clients – from designing and implementing modern enterprise service management solutions to streamlining and automating business functions,” explains Lewis Martin, Head of Enterprise Service Management at KA2. “As a ServiceNow partner, we can build upon KA2’s and my long-standing association with ServiceNow and expand our capabilities to help our clients achieve optimal business outcomes. The partnership between KA2 and ServiceNow supports KA2’s strategic focus on automation and integration to drive digital transformation.”

As organisations aim to scale, secure, and streamline their technology and business operations to adapt to the new world of work, KA2 is uniquely positioned to help customers accelerate the value of ServiceNow. By combining our extensive Cyber Security, Digital WorkSpace, and Risk & Controls domain expertise with our unique KA2 Smarter Framework approach, we’re able to bring a new level of capability and knowledge in delivering integrated and innovative solutions on the ServiceNow platform. As a result, we have quickly achieved a status of the go-to partner in the ServiceNow Security Operations and GRC space.

To help organisations further enhance value across their operating models and their ServiceNow investment, KA2 continues to develop and build unique business applications and tooling on the platform, which solve key security, compliance and business challenges and improve productivity.

Whether you’re looking for an accelerated Quick Start implementation to begin your ServiceNow journey, an Optimisation Assessment to automate key business processes on your current platform, or a complete platform re-work to remove technical debt and operational complexity, our experts can help. Please contact Lewis Martin to arrange an initial chat.