Smarter Collaboration Security Assessment

The number of organisations relying on workplace collaboration tools to keep employees connected and productive has skyrocketed in recent months. Since the beginning of March, Microsoft Teams has reached more than 75 million daily users, while popular video-conferencing app Zoom has garnered an impressive 300 million daily meeting participants.

However, as the number of users has escalated, so too have concerns about security and compliance. While these platforms enable remote employees to collaborate from anywhere, they also create a unique set of cybersecurity and compliance challenges for today’s technology teams.

From data security and privacy to legal compliance, there are many elements to consider when choosing the right workplace collaboration tool for your organisation. Whether you’re currently using a collaboration tool or looking to implement one, we can help you ensure that your collaboration is secure and suited for your business.

Simply complete our short online questionnaire, and a KA2 security expert will assess your chosen tool against your business needs in four key categories:

  • Governance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance
  • Legal Compliance

The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Within 2 business days of completing the questionnaire, you’ll receive a tailored report and detailed security recommendations based on your unique organisation. Our assessment leverages our unique KA2 Smarter Framework to measure platforms against 68 key security and compliance metrics to ensure the most comprehensive use of best practices.

How secure are your workplace collaboration tools?


Start your Smarter Security Assessment and find out today.