COzNow -
KA2 ESG Application
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Driving your carbon
net-zero agenda

A revolutionary advance in Sustainability Management

The KA2 COzNow App enables your organisation to manage the entire CO2 asset lifecycle, understand your environmental position and drive decisions that influence your sustainability agenda.

Insight and control of your Environmental data and agenda

COzNow focuses on the E component in ESG. Designed and built in partnership with a specialist sustainable IT and biotechnology company, KA2’s expertise as a ServiceNow Partner has enabled the development of a class-leading capability that plugs straight into the ServiceNow platform.

The COzNow App expands the CMDB and asset capability within the ServiceNow platform to include data related directly to any asset’s carbon footprint, from manufacture to disposal.

The CO2 data has been collected from a wide range of sources, including the manufacturers and has been collated, tested, and refined over many years. This proprietary CO2 data modelling is unique to the COzNow App and is unavailable anywhere else.

The COzNow App empowers organisations to understand their current carbon footprint and future carbon liabilities and set carbon reduction targets. With continuous dynamic data, organisations can set their carbon targets and ambitions accurately and monitor and report progress to that goal.

The COzNow App will influence the environmental decision-making process by understanding the impact of those decisions, from procurement of IT assets and services to operational liabilities and how to improve the ‘end of life’ journey for all assets, from laptops to company cars.

The App will be made available through ServiceNow App Store by November to coincide with the release of ServiceNow’s ESG module.

How can you reduce your Carbon Footprint by 50% if you don’t know what 50% equates to?

The Benefits

  • Visualise, and understand, the 'E' component of the ESG agenda from your existing technology assets
  • Integrated, aggregated systems to record, audit, and report on asset environmental data
  • Understand your carbon footprint and areas that can be addressed to reduce that footprint
  • Understand gaps in the information you currently hold
  • Support setting Carbon Net-Zero targets and timeframes
  • Define ownership, roles, and responsibilities of your ESG agenda
  • Informed decision making and vendor management
  • Demonstrate social responsibility to employees and customers
  • Get ahead of the new corporate governance and statutory reporting requirements to meet global statutory changes in 2022 and beyond

The COzNow Foundation App is available with two optional upgrades


A ServiceNow Scoped Application, ready for deployment with the capability to start your ESG journey, with full integration to the ServiceNow platform and its capabilities


An enhanced product offering with dynamic data feeds and augmented tracking and reporting, including integration with remote and at-site discovery


The ultimate combination of CO2 monitoring and reporting capability with complete end-to-end process lifecycles, including a tailored service for the asset return

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